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Compostable Mulch Films

ecovio® M2351 is our new biodegradable compound for film extrusion based on our biodegradable co-polyester ecoflex® F Blend. Due to its outstanding mechanical strength ecovio® M offers high down-gauging potential for thin agricultural or horticultural film applications such as mulch film, cover film, and silage film. The ready-made compound already contains anti-blocking agents and allows easy processing as a drop-in solution on standard PE lines. The processing of ecovio® M on extrusion lines depends on the formulation, the extrusion technology and processing conditions.


  • 12 μm
  • 10 μm
  • 8 μm

The advantages are:

  • High strength, low-medium stiffness and high failure energy (dart drop)
  • Good processability on conventional blown film lines
  • Down-gauging up to 8 μm possible, typical thicknesses: 10 -120 μm
  • High melt strength: MVR (190 °C, 5 kg): 6.0 -11.0 ml /10 min
  • Good thermostability during processing up to 230°C Mass density, ISO 1183: 1.37-1.40 g/cm3
  • Mulch films accelerate plant growth
  • water retention
  • weed prevention
  • Increased crop yield

Compostable mulch films are Less labour-intensive, Increases soil quality and crop growth. Certified biodegradable mulch films can be ploughed into the soil, supporting sustainable agriculture.

Distributors & Stockist

BASF – Nylon, T.P.U, Compostable, Etc

Kuraray Asia Pacific PTE Ltd. (Japan) – EVOH

Polyram - Thermoplastics Solution Provider


Kumyang Chemicals (Korea) – Foaming Agents

DuPont -

Yparex B. V. (Netherlands) – Tie Resin

Emery – Natural Based, Speciality Chemicals